KnowMore — independent legal advice for survivors

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KnowMore provides free legal advice and information about options available for people affected by institutional child sexual abuse, including:

  • possible claims under institutional redress schemes
  • access to assistance or compensation through victims of crime schemes
  • common law and civil law rights and claims.

Any person affected by institutional child sexual abuse has the right to access KnowMore services.

KnowMore began providing services to the public on 8 July 2013.

KnowMore staff include specialist counsellors/social workers to support people accessing the agency’s legal services.

KnowMore offers assistance including:

  • legal advice for people about a range of issues, such as
    • availability of compensation or other forms of action or redress
    • the effect of confidentiality agreements in past proceedings
  • support to pursue complaints processes
  • obtaining a client’s records
  • financial counselling
  • linking people with specialist counselling and support services and victims’ support groups.

KnowMore can help you find a lawyer to represent you if you want to bring a claim for personal injury (damages) against the Diocese in the civil courts.

Contacting KNowmore

KnowMore free advice line, phone 1800 605 762 available 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.