MRG (Mandatory Reporter Guide)

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The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG)  provides a common platform for decision making regarding the threshold or risk of significant harm (ROSH).  A number of “decision trees” — sections such as physical abuse, neglect, and psychological harm — ask a series of questions to determine the likelihood of harm reaching the significant risk threshold.

The MRG is available as an online interactive tool on the Keep Them Safe website:

The interactive online Mandatory Reporter Guide has been developed to assist front-line mandatory reporters such as police officers, teachers, nurses, social workers, and NGO staff, determine whether a case meets the threshold of risk of significant harm for reporting children and young people at risk in NSW.

The MRG is based on findings from a structured decision making model developed by US-based non-profit social research organisation the Children’s Research Center. The model has been customised for use in NSW. Structured decision making tools have been implemented across the US, Canada, and other Australian jurisdictions (South Australia and Queensland). However, the MRG is the first structured decision making tool to be developed for use across a wide range of non-statutory agencies that deliver services to children and families.

The Mandatory Reporter Guide was developed after extensive consultation, as well as detailed user acceptance testing.

Reporting to the Office of Safeguarding

If you are a diocesan worker, using the MRG and reporting risk of significant harm (ROSH) to the Child Protection Helpline immediately or within 24 hours, does not discharge your responsibilities to contact the Office of Safeguarding.

As a diocesan worker, your supervisor should be made aware of your concerns for a child. You or your supervisor should also contact the Office of Safeguarding:

P:   4979 1390 (Mon-Friday 8.30am-5pm)